Announcing the release of PicUntu 0.9 RC2.1

Announcing the availability of PicUntu 0.9 RC 2.1.

In less than 8 weeks, of the first time, that Linux kernel was able to be run on MK808/UG802/MX1 etc (RK3066 chipset) based USB sticks, we are happy to announce the world's first complete Linux distribution for the RK3066.
Starting with a minimal download of no more than 170MB, you can use menus and simple selections to configure your system to be a full fledged system - that can act as
  • Company webserver: With fully function web server, extremely robust MySql, PHP5 and hell !, we have also added up a very powerful web based MySql administrator -phpmyadmin. All configured and ready to be used.
  • Corporate Mail server: Sendmail, name server, fetchmail are installed with one selection only
  • Share network over Windows/Cifs network sharing
  • Central database server: If you need a common database to store and manage your office and/or home use, choose PicUntu for a hassle free operation.
  • Content manager: Use this tiny little 10W user as your formal content management portal. Here is an example of site running on PicUntu
  • Developer's paradise: If you would rather develop kernels and modules for the arm world, simply select to download the kernel sources and you can begin coding in a few minutes.
  • Power GUI desktop: Yes, we can be green and beautiful Running under 6W, average you can have the pleasure of a full High Definition  (1920x1080p) desktop, with a choice of xfce/gnome shells
  • Add extras such as flash, graphics programs, Office suite clones - by virtue of simply clicking on it.
PicUntu is a Linux distribution, based on Ubuntu, designed to work on your RK3066 chipset devices.
Packed with detailed features, we provided a separate page for this
You can download the files here.
Installation Guide
This is where you have a detailed, installation guide.
Change log, tracked from 0.1 Pre-alpha stage, till the very current 0.9 Release Candidate 2.1
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